Balcony Inspection

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As part of building maintenance the corporation’s engineer will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all reinforced concrete balcony slabs and railings. Please clear your balcony of any large outdoor furniture. Access to each suite is required.

The engineer together with the superintendent will enter units on the 2nd and 4th floor on Tuesday, April 19th between 9am – 5pm

Units on the 6th and 8th floor on Wednesday, April 20th between 9am-5pm

Thank you for your cooperation!

Important Notice of Annual General Meeting

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Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting of Owners will be held on April 26, 2011, and, that there will be an election for three (3) Director positions for a term of one, two and three years.

Following the proclamation of the Condominium Act in May 2001, and in accordance with Section 28 (2) of the Condominium Act 1998, “Individuals who wish to be a candidate in the election for Directors may submit in writing their name and address” by April 1, 2011 to the Board of Directors, c/o Brookfield Residential Services Ltd., 800 King Street West, or by fax (416) 362-6679, or by e-mail at All submissions received by the Management Office will be included in the notice of meeting and will have the advantage of being eligible to be listed on a proxy. Candidates, who are nominated at the meeting, obviously will not be listed on any proxy and therefore will not be able to obtain votes from any proxy holders.

An agenda of matters, the official notice and all other pertinent documents will be delivered in advance of the meeting April 26, 2011 by regular mail or by the means prescribed under the Condominium Act 1998.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (416) 362-9779.

Yours very truly,

Agent for and on behalf of M.T.C.C. No. 1346

Safety in Underground Garage

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We wish to inform you that the Management was notified that a person followed a resident in the underground garage through the ramp when the resident was driving in.
The incident happened yesterday, September 28, 2010 at approximately 7:30pm.
Parking areas, whether above or underground, present unique challenges for your safety and the security of your vehicle as they are readily trespassed and provide lots of crime opportunity.
In order to discourage trespassers and protect you and your property residents are encouraged to practice the following safety and security strategies together as a community.

· Always pay attention to your surroundings especially as you enter or exit the garage whether on foot or in your vehicle. Call 911 if you are being followed.
· View the interior of your vehicle before entering to ensure that no one is hiding inside, even if the doors were locked.
· Always lock your car after entering and when leaving it.
· Watch for people who use the ramp to enter the garage on foot once you have cleared the opening.
· Report damage, suspicious activity and defective lights to the Management or security
· Do not store valuable property inside your car
· Never let anyone you don’t know into the building, or allow anyone to follow you in.

We strongly encourage residents to be aware of their surroundings, report suspicious activity to the police and advise management or security staff immediately.
The security guard is on duty from 9 pm to 7 am and he can be reached at 416-845-9787.

Thank you for your cooperation

New Electronic Waste Recycling

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The City of Toronto is now expanding services for buildings to make it even easier for residents to get rid of unwanted electronics and ensure these items are recycled and kept out of landfill sites.

To help with our efforts to increase recycling at the building the City has provided free electronic waste containers (E-boxes) for use which will be placed in the recycling room located in the lobby. E-boxes are lime green and they will be used to collect

Small electronic items can be recycled in the lime green bins, including cell phones, home phones, laptops, computer cables and accessories, keyboards, VCR/DVD players, hand-held computers, pagers, radios, cameras and video recorders.

Large items, please contact the Superintendent (416-846-8797) for drop off information, including desktop monitors, printers, scanners and modems, copiers, typewriters, fax machines, televisions, stereos, receivers and speakers.

Remember to protect your privacy and clear all personal information from computers, cell phones and electronics prior to disposal. For more information visit

In the upcoming weeks, The Lofts will be rolling out the Green Bin Program. This program will divert some of your household garbage to green waste which will save the corporation approximately 40% in waste levy fee.

If we all pitch in and reduce and recycle as much as possible, we can save money and contribute to protecting the environment.